Weekly Photography Challenge: Simple


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Simple

  1. I love the petal image. Not so much the petal itself but that shadow – so full of colour and fades out. Very very nice example of the camera picking up a nuance the eye might miss.

  2. Thanks. The petals fell off over night. Tulips seem often to go from fine to dead in a few hours. The lovely purple ones are looking tired tonight. I have some more lined up…

  3. Where I live used to be a nursery famed for its tulip bulbs. That was long ago, but we have some rather nice tulips planted in the garden because of that connection, and I have a fondness for them.

  4. Perfect for simple! The picture of the petal is lovely. I’m glad you have some more tulips lined up 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday afternoon Isobel and give Not Cat a scritch for me if he isn’t too busy conquering the outside.

  5. I love the simplicity of the tulip petal. The first picture looks scary to me, it reminds me of a dangeous alien trying to lurk innocent by-passers into its deadly trap.

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