A River of Stones, Day Twenty-Two: Trespassing

I was just going out after lunch when I met a neighbour. She can be quite loud, and Not Cat loves her. After we had discussed various issues affecting life in the block – people putting plastic bags in the recycling and chicken bones in the compost – she told me that the ginger ninja had visited another neighbour’s ground floor flat, gaining entry via an open window.
He wasn’t actually seen, but he left a trail of muddy paw prints across the newly changed bed linen.
What am I going to do with him?
Here he is wreaking havoc at home earlier today.

The Ginger Ninja


22 thoughts on “A River of Stones, Day Twenty-Two: Trespassing

  1. He’s too adorable to be upset with (although your neighbors may beg to differ with that statement!!)…..he’s just full of adventure that ninja of yours….. 😉

    Pam (and Sam)

    • Fortunately the neighbours do like him, but it is a worry, especially when summer comes. He only has to go into the wrong flat and things could go very badly awry. I can see that even if he visits people who like him I may have a lot of flowers to buy for apologies.

  2. oh dear! what a friendly guy! i think our BuddyBoop visits other houses and there is a neighbor cat who asked to come in one day, not for any particular reason. But poor Calpurrnia thought yet ANOTHER uninvited cat was quite beyond the pale!

  3. Heehee if he wasn’t seen how do you know for certain it was him? poor little thing getting the blame when it could have been that skinny tabby that likes to paddle in mud!

  4. Her words were “no other cat is cheeky enough to do that”, and he does have previous, having climbed through her window last year and at least three other ground floor flats…

      • If I had more faith that he weren’t up to mischief as I type, I’d agree! I saw the owner of the bed linen tonight when I got home and she said it made her laugh. Apparently he left paw prints all up her window too, but slipped inside without pushing the window wider. She was in the sitting room, and he didn’t come that far, or if he did, she didn’t see him. cat was once accused of eating three goldfish from a neighbour’s pond, but that was purely circumstantial.

  5. LOL…I love this photo! Now do you know that he is guilty? We have a ton of cats in our neighborhood. Go easy on him…he may be innocent this time, but probably not the next.

  6. The Nijas I know love to explore dark and hidden places (they like pizzas too, at least the turtles…). So I am afraid there is little you can do. Let him explore his world and find out what is ok and what is not.

    • That is good advice. I can’t keep him in, he would hate it, and he has to learn and take his chance. I just hope he survives. The loud neighbour also told me how she had leapt into the street to slow a car as he raced across the road.

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