A River of Stones, Day Twenty-Four: Punctured

My tyres were a bit muddy, so I was quite pleased when I saw a shallow puddle I could ride through just before arriving at work. That, it seems, was my mistake. Wet weather, explained my uber-cyclist colleague, is deadly for tyres; all those little bits of glass floating about just waiting for the chance to slice through the unsuspecting rubber.


11 thoughts on “A River of Stones, Day Twenty-Four: Punctured

  1. Sorry about that, isobel!
    You’ve been through an opportunity for your neverending learning process, though!
    So: congratulations, dear friend!

  2. You were right Pseu, it was the bike. It’s a very long time since I have driven to work, what with the congestion charge and lack of parking unless you earn much more than I do. My car is an expensive luxury that enables me to go east plus cat at a moment’s notice to my equally expensive luxury, das Boot, should I need to be near mother for a while. Apart rom that i use it very little.
    So not too expensive, though I did wheel it round to my friendly bike shop to fix, and they straightened the bent spokes, a legacy of when bits of my bike were stolen. I know I ought to learn how to do it, but it would have taken me ages, i had lots to do and it was raining.
    Sorry. Is that just too wimpy for words? 🙂

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