100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups 28

Clarissa waved to him from a corner table across the restaurant, a heap of glossy bags beside her.
Giles joined her. She poured him some wine as he sat down.
“No need to ask how you did,” he smiled, raising his glass. “You must have half of Bond Street there.”
“All gift-wrapped too. How about you?”
His smile widened.
“You found something for Lois?” Clarissa was incredulous. “Show me what you bought her.”
“What do you think?” Inside the box Giles passed her, a golden leaping hare formed the hilt of silver paperknife, its dappled blade spotted with runes, like a magician’s dagger.

This is the first time I have joined this. For more information, look here:

19 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups 28

  1. This is very clever – the prompt runs right over two people’s speech, but is seamless! The whole piece is very well written – well done. And by the way, I WANT that paperknife. Please. I’ll send my postal address.
    Really nice to see you on the 100WC – you have upped the ante, raised the bar – whatever!

  2. Sorry, but you can’t have the knife! It’s mine. Did you look at the link? Carol does wonderful stuff, but as the price of silver and gold have gone through the roof, she’s rather out of my reach now. Still, I go to her workshop and drool periodically…

  3. Thanks Ryan. I have reading some of the others and enjoying them. I could not manage to post comments on some though; problems with blogspot.

    Oh, the knife. It is a beautiful and singular object, and Lois is a difficult person to please, so any presentbhas to be out of the ordinary.I imagined her also as someone with an ordered desk, the type who would use a paperknife!
    See you over there again. 🙂

  4. This is, as others have said, a super opening piece for the 100WCGU. Thank you so much for joining us and I do hope you will become a regular. I just loved that detailed description of the knife. I think Lois is also someone who loves beautiful things.

    One little picky bit – can you put the prompt in next time. It is my fault because as Ryan pointed out, it doesn’t actually say that anywhere! Having said that, you won’t be shot for missing it out! 😉

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