A River of Stones, Day Twenty-Eight: The Prodigal Cat

Not Cat went in ahead of me when I unlocked the garden gate. He looked to the left and stopped. He stared. His neck extended. He looked back to me. I followed quickly and looked too, hope rising in my chest. Sonny.
He has been missing for more than two weeks, a long time for him. I thought he might be dead, but as one of the only unneutered Toms around, I guess he’s been busy fathering kittens. Goodness how’s how far he’s roamed.
He’s lost some weight too.
Not Cat rolled onto his back in submission, and I cooed. Sonny ignored Not Cat but watched me, amber eyes unblinking. I walked round to the compost with the dead tulips. Both cats following me.
Sonny had to wait a few more minutes before I brought him some food. He must have been very hungry. This feral boy started eating with my hand less than two inches from his nose.
Maybe this year he will trust me enough to let me touch him. It is very good to have him back.


7 thoughts on “A River of Stones, Day Twenty-Eight: The Prodigal Cat

  1. I was only talking about him last night, and thinking that we had seen the last of him. It made my day to see him. Also, he should put a stop to Minstrel’s plans for garden domination!

    • He has several homes keeping an eye out for him, but as he gets older it is harder for him to climb the walls of the other gardens. He looks too healthy to be a feral, so I hope he continues to escape Council culls.

    • Thanks, Ruth. She looks a character. I especially like the one in the snow where she is bear-cub round.
      No sign of Sonny this morning, but Minstrel appeared when I let Not Cat out. I feel sorry for him as he isn’t well looked after, but he did a proprietary poo while I watched yesterday which is not good. Neither Cat nor Sonny, nor Sonny’s predecessor Buster, ever did that. Makes Minstrel hard to love.

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