Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

Hope Springs Eternal

I hope I don’t need to explain that I did not share Not Cat’s hope of catching the blackbird. It knew full well he was there. Then a bluetit landed on a higher branch, so I guess neither rated his chances. I just hope it stays that way..


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

    • No birds, but at Mother’s flat last year he caught shrews and a frog. He also caught lots of grasshoppers. Here, he established himself as the Mighty Fly catcher, and he had a worm the other day. He may have had mice that I’ve not seen. He is desperate to catch a bird. There’s a little wagtail that is on the street most mornings. He really attracts Not Cat’s attention!

  1. I enlarged it too and I think it is a terrific shot and a good post for the theme of hope.
    Oh to sink his teeth in a tasty little morsel and have a mouth full of feathers. Quite the hunter.

  2. So far his technique is to rush at birds. He has not mastered stalking. So long as that continues, the birds have a good chance. But he has also learned to conceal himself I hides, which will not be good for the birds. I don’t want him to catch any.

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