A River of Stones, Day Thirty: Cold War

They have been quietly assembling all weekend; bringing in forces; readying themselves for today’s blitzkrieg. Action all areas. I knew something was up on Saturday. A tickle; a sniff. Then calm. The Phoney War. They were biding their tme; lying up; waiting for the right moment. Now they are everywhere; driving on caterpillar tracks down my throat; crossing the Maginot Line of my vitamins and garlic without breaking stride; billeted in the front of my head; artillery leaning heavy on my eyebrows. Bayonets fixed, they are swarming through the canals of my ears; taking up position in my nose, each rifle round fired, a ricocheting sneeze.

18 thoughts on “A River of Stones, Day Thirty: Cold War

  1. Uh-oh. More Vit C, echinacea, Kwai garlic, Olbas oil, paracetamol or neurofen and nice read before a long sleep. You never know, in the morning, it might be merely a memory… 😉

  2. A well-told tale of the agonies of the common cold…..hopefully a SHORT common cold at that. I’ve heard cuddling with your favorite cat can have medicinal effects. :);)

    Get well soon……..Pam (& Sam)

  3. You poor old thing! However, I can only be sorry up to a point, because you have written such an amazing piece that I cannot wish it unwritten, and if you weren’t hors de combat… I guess you have to suffer for your art!
    Hope Not Cat is proving a good nurse.
    Thank you for your very lovely comment on my piece about Bunny. I’m so glad you liked it.

  4. I agree with Gilly – very clever indeed Isobel – it sounds like me at the moment, but mine is hayfever from a neighbours privet tree (a noxious weed here) which they seriously need to chainsaw into oblivion…

  5. I hope you can manage to get through it safely and get rid of it soon.
    Such a thrilling way to tell us about your cold! You are a great storyteller!

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