One Foot Out of the Grave

Probably a stress fracture, said the nurse. They often don’t show up on x-rays.

I spent a dull afternoon in Minor Injuries. There were only two members of staff on duty. The television was on. That mindless daytime diet that atrophies the mind. I found I could not read. Two of my fellow waitees struck up a conversation. It was mainly about footwear; heels versus flat shoes.

I kept quiet and tried to stop my eyes from closing.

After two and half hours a version of my name was called. I removed my shoe and sock. The nurse pressed in various places; nothing. I wondered if by some miracle my foot had mended just by being in the hospital. She pressed again and I gasped. There, I said rather needlessly.

The nurse nodded. Do you walk much? Yes, I said. She delivered her diagnosis and gave me directions for x-ray. More barefoot action and then back to Minor Injuries.

She was right, it didn’t show. Rest as much as you can, she told me, and come back in two or three weeks if it still hurts. We may have to lok at your lifestyle. Can you take Ibuprofen?

So my toes continue to feel as though they are about to cramp; my foot feels swollen but there is no swelling, and it hurts like billy-o when I try to bend it.

I am sincerely hoping that in a couple of days I will feel as right as rain. Looking at my lifestyle sounds ominous to me. I’m not ready to be consigned to the sofa just yet.


20 thoughts on “One Foot Out of the Grave

  1. Uhoh…..well, if it didn’t show up on x-ray perhaps it’s at least the kind of injury that will heal more quickly???? Let’s hope so. Meanwhile I’m sure you’re miserable….don’t you love it when they say “rest” and you know you’ve got a bazillion things to do like WORK? Hopefully you can follow some of their advice anyway and spend LESS time on your feet. 😦

    Pam & Sam

  2. Oh Isobel, poor you. Perhaps a change in footwear has caused it, boots versus shoes etc, its that time of year when we keep swapping to suit the weather conditions. Try some massage with some oils, it can work. Feet up tonight my girl, its too cold to go out anyway 🙂 massage and cosy slippers for you. Hope its better tomorrow.

  3. I’m sorry to hear this, and I hope it’s not too sore.

    If it is a stress fracture, it might be worth going to a Podiatrist when it’s healed to have them check out what’s going on, and maybe release any pain through targeted manipulation.

  4. Thanks, all. It’s a dull ache but any pressure on the top of my foot hurts and one spot is agony. I’ve had a quick surf, and I have a feeling it’s a metatarsal, but none of the reasons why seem to fit. However, I have had the odd sensation of cramp in my toes, and wonder if i’ve had this for a while. I am not impressed!
    I shall bath and bed early tonight, or as early as Not Cat allows.
    i’m off to ireland in just over a week, and Cousin’s husband is a podiatrist, so I shall definitely consult him!

  5. Oh drat how annoying, and I understand because I get random hurting places on my feet, toes mainly and I put it down to getting old and then I wince and frown more and get more wrinkles and more miserable because I’ve got more wrinkles and I’m getting old – feel free to remove my nonsense! Hope you recover quickly!

  6. Oh dear, Isobel.

    What a pain, literally, but hopefully your poor foot will recover, in time.

    I fractured a metatarsal, by the way, in my twenties, and I had an enormous amount of swelling and bruising. Couldn’t walk at all. I do hope this is not the case with you.

    Rest and take anti-inflammatory drugs as advised and it may just go away. I do hope so. xxx

    • Hi Araminta. Long time etc. Thanks for the good thoughts.
      I am hoping it isn’t a fracture and all will be well in a day or so, otherwise it means minimal walking, and I walk a lot, while it mends.
      Old age eh.

  7. Hmm. I’m puzzled too! What on earth could she mean “look at your lifestyle”? It was only a few days ago you were on your bike – and you walk a lot.

    Fingers crossed that with rest and ibuprofen, it’ll clear up quite soon. Funnily enough a friend at work has just the same problem and thinks she’s chipped a bone in her food because it’s been sore enough to make her limp for three weeks now.

  8. You can’t win! Walk to keep your bones from turning into net curtains, but watch out for stress fractures. I have been walking a lot recently and fairly fast, so maybe it’s about impact. Annoying because I have been enjoying it. I examined my feet tonight and the left one is swollen. My toes look deformed! The rest advice is so vague as to be almost useless. I think I may make an appointment with my GP.

    • Yes, I would if I were you. A&E docs don’t always give the most reliable advice.

      When I strained my ankle and knee ligaments the nice A&E doctor said “Don’t do any exercise which hurts…” and two weeks or so later after doing all the ICE stuff but still limping badly, a physio said “Joints are meant to be *moved*!! And she got me walking properly again. Bliss.

      Hoping for a speedy recovery and do take the max recommended ibuprofen, as long as it doesn’t disagree with you.

    • I saw a nurse, not a doctor. Do you think I should see my GP? I have been wondering if I should make an appointment. I shall be with my cousin next weekend. Too late?
      My foot does feel better today, and I’ve not had any Ibuprofen since the morning. My housework has suffered though!

      • Blow the housework! Rest it! Good book, Not Cat and a blanket… Bruising can take a long time to get better, and be unbelievably painful. If it’s not fractured, could you just have bruised it?
        If in doubt, definitely go to a GP – it’s what they’re there for!

  9. My neighbor had a stress fracture in her foot in late December. She thinks from crossing a ditch. Went to her rheumatologist who sent her for x-rays and the stress fracture did show up. On to the podiatrist who put her in a boot for 6 weeks. She is doing fine now, no pain. Hope all goes well for you Isobel.

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