Replay: Afloat in Winter

This is a post from two years ago. The weather was very cold, just as it is today. I was on das Boot with Cat.

The forecast for tonight is -1°C, and it’s always colder on the water. So I came with 20 litres of diesel so I could start the engine and charge the battery and have hot water, and run the heating system.
Traffic was dreadful. It took me an hour and a half to get out of London. Still, I arrived in time to unpack the car and be on board in time to listen to the News Quiz while I wrestled with the new electric blanket, so it was ok.
I was nice and warm from my exertions, so it seemed a good moment to add the diesel and mark each extra 5 litre on the dipstick , aka a garden cane.
Problem. I couldn’t undo the fuel cap. Maybe it’s because of residual weakness from my hand op last year. I don’t know. But try as I would, the blasted thing wouldn’t move. The Muscles don’t arrive until tomorrow, so I tried for local support. Zilch. There is no one else at the marina tonight. No one. Just me. Greta Garbo eat your heart out..
Cat was singularly unimpressed and curled up in a tight ball in his cold bed. Which is a result of a sorts because it’s at least a year since he has slept in it.
I made soup. Warm, nourishing soup . And plugged in the extra electric heater I had fortunately brought with me. No hot water though, so although usually slightly OCD about washing up, I’ve decided to keep it until the morning then boil a couple of kettles and do the breakfast stuff too.
Think of me tonight, when you go to sleep in your warm beds. And feel envious, because despite the privations, I’m snug and happy. A boat is the place to be.

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