Replay: Snow Afloat

This is turning into three post Sunday. Yesterday I reposted something from Janaury 2010 on my old blog. This is the post from the following day. It’s even more appropriate now as it snowed here overnight.

Boats covered in the white stuff under a clear blue sky in early morning. A Photographer’s Dream.

Snow was not forecast. Minus one centigrade does not mean snow.

I slept extremely well. Warm and cosy under my flannelette quilt cover. Until Cat woke me up because he was hungry. It was about four in the morning. I looked out of the window at next door’s boat and thought it looked a bit fuzzy. That bothered me, so I kept on looking and it gradually dawned on my sleepy brain that it was ice and snow that interrupted the outline.

I went back to bed.

I woke up properly at half past eight. There was an appalling smell. I had dimly been aware of Cat scratching at the litter tray as if hopeful of finding Australia. Now I knew I wished he had been able to bury whatever was in the bathroom on the other side of the world.

I got up. Outside the warmth of my bed, das Boot was cold. My breath hung in the air in front of me. Every breath I took misted the windows.
Cat had largely missed the litter tray. My pre-breakfast task was to deal with the mess. I opened the door and flung the plastic bagged excrement to the shore. I threw the similarly bagged rug that had been under the litter tray in the same direction.

The windows were frozen shut. As I boiled the kettle to make coffee and cooked my egg the world went soft focus.

Cat was hungry too. He prowled until I gave him some AGAIL. Someone at Nestlé has a bleak sense of humour as it looks like vomit.

I decided to have breakfast in bed. Cat was there before me. I watched him burrow beneath the quilt. Something he never ever does. I’m not keen on animals inside my bed, but obviously he was cold.

Fortified by breakfast, I dressed and went outside. Slippery slippery surfaces. Thank goodness for Steve who gave me some salt used by railway companies. I threw it about and went back inside. Ten minutes later, and the washing up done, and windows opened, I had another look. Magic.

Cat barely acknowledged my departure. I gingerly stepped onto the pontoon and stepped onto the shore with a large sense of relief. Over my four layers I had my lifejacket, but if I fell in in this weather, I think hypothermia would kill me before I drowned.

10 thoughts on “Replay: Snow Afloat

  1. I can feel the chill of that cold morning with your description. Too bad you had to wake up to Cat’s “stinky” wake up call! I’m sure you got some beautiful photos though (not of his litter box – I mean the snow and frosty scenes by the water if you had your camera).


    • Thank-you. So do I. I do not think I would have enjoyed my early experiences on das Boot half as much without him. On the other hand, without him, I probably shouldn’t have got the boat in the first place.

  2. Hello Isobel. Looking forward to your latest photos. My green looks very nice in the snow but by the time I’d looked out it had all been trampled on. Last year I was up earlier and I got better pictures.

    Sometimes I don’t look in for a few days and your previous posts only go back five (unless I can reach more and if so, how?).

    I missed any reply you might have made re London puzzle photos and If I could post any.

    I could if I knew how.

    • Hope you are still looking as I did post a reply! You need to go to archives on my home page, r on the sidebar, and click on the month of your choice. That will list all the posts for that month on my page.

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