46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

  1. I’m sorry to put you to more trouble Isobel but I’ve trawled all the way back to New Year’s day and I can’t find your reply about posting photos.

    (Not that you’re missing all that much.)

  2. I have spent ages trying to get this to work. I am familiar with the HTML code you gave me Isobel and have no problems posting photos from the Web. But I am finding it very difficult to post from my iPhoto (I have a MacBook Pro) archive to WordPress. Eventually I was able to display this picture on my own WordPress blog but I don’t know if it’ll work here. I’ll give it one try, and if it fails I won’t bother again. Without an ‘edit’ function I’ll just clog up your thread with repeated attempts.

    Here we go:

    • Easy peasy, it is just outside the north wing of St Thomas’ hospital. if i think hard I’ll remember the sculptor and the title.
      I have to hobble off in a moment, but I too have a macBook Pro and no probs uploading to wordpress, so don’t know what the problem is. When I get time, I’ll try uploading a pic to your blog in a comments box and see if it works.

    • I am beginning to think that those of us with ginger cats and a love of them should have a little ginger cat logo on our blogs! It was quickly apparent to me that Cat had stolen the show on my blog and I was a mere hanger-on. Not Cat continues the tradition.

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