100WCGU: Sky-Blue-Pink

A message from Julia:
This prompt will be open for two weeks.

I have been aware that the news this week seems to have had a familiar thread through it. The shared prompt is …it wasn’t my fault…

If you are new here and are wondering what this is all about do read ‘What is 100WCGU?’ and hopefully it will all make sense. If not do get in touch through a comment below or via twitter (@jfb57).

The morning was cold. She dressed quickly and made breakfast, letting the heat from her coffee mug seep into her fingers while her egg boiled. Her packed bag stood in the hall. John was picking her up at seven thirty. Loads of time. Dawn broke and she saw the colour she used to call sky-blue-pink spreading across the rooftops. Sky-blue-pink. Playground words jostled in her memory; “you’re it!” “it wasn’t my fault!” “one potato…” Years ago, yet only a heartbeat away. Childhood; it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But she hadn’t known it then.

24 thoughts on “100WCGU: Sky-Blue-Pink

  1. Munchow, that is very kind of you and I really appreciate it. I am so glad you like my blog.
    However, I am not accepting any more awards as I am lucky enough to have been given several, including the Versatile Blog, and I am rubbish at passing them on quickly.
    I need to get a little sign up on the sidebar.
    But thank-you again and please keep visiting!

    • Thank-you. For me, it was more about how in the middle of something everyday, like making breakfast, something hijacks your attention and takes you back in time and space. It’s about the way our memories are triggered without our volition.

  2. Beautifully written. I felt I was in the kitchen with her remembering old times. (I have to admit that I was slightly scared that she might be suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and was therefore pleased to read your earlier comment.)

  3. Sky-blue-pink, I love it! It’s clever and poetic in it’s simplicity. I know exactly what you mean and it describes the dawn sky so perfectly. I’ve tried describing it before, but nothing really captures it like sky-blue-pink.

  4. Lovely piece, as always. I am a ‘sky blue pink’ person too – I often think or say it. I love the instant trigger back to childhood memories. That’s what makes the day special – you never know what will come crashing through the spaces.
    So sorry to hear about your mother, in this and other pieces. It must be so difficult and painful for you, and perhaps for her.

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