Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

Yellow Tulips

On Friday, they were like sentinels, but that didn’t last long.



17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

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  2. I don’t know if this works – mine were past it by the time I tried – but a friend told me this week that if you put a two pence coin in the water they stay upright???

    • You’re right, tulips are very thirsty flowers, but these have lots of water. I have two bunches of yellow tulips, both are floppy. The flame coloured ones and the red ones are up right.

  3. They are still alive, but wonderfully splayed. The ones in the bathroom where it is cooler, equally so, and the flame ones, bought the same day and just a few feet away still upright. I think this is the perfect vase for floppy tulips! Btw, if you read this, could you remind me of the name of the restaurant that does new Catalan food in the silversmith area of Barcelona?

  4. the last tulips i got came with a note that said that the stems need to be trimmed every two days to ensure their maximum longevity (i didn’t trim them, but at least i know i could have). apparently tulip stems keep growing, which is what makes them topple over in vases. but even so, they do so with a flourish, so all is well 🙂
    thanks for sharing.

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