A Wet Cold Afternoon in London

I’ve not been writing much here or on other blogs for a few days for a couple of reasons. Firstly, work seems to have gone into hyper mode since my little Irish break, and secondly because I have been experiencing excruciating shooting pains in my right arm.

I saw the doctor tonight. She reassured me that my foot is on the mend, and the hot feeling I am getting in it from time to time is nothing to worry about. As to my arm, the Ibuprofen I am taking for my foot should also help, and I should refrain from typing (!) as far as possible. Both conditions will sort themselves out in the fulness of time, especially with rest. Which means I am not going to be writing much here or anywhere else for a little while.

However, to celebrate the news that I am not about to have to face up to a life of immobility, a little post with words tonight.
I had a few minutes to kill in the City today. It was raining, but I wanted some air, so I sat under a tree in St Dunstan’s, ate an excellent sandwich from Cooper’s on Eastcheap and took a couple of pix before rain stopped play.

Notice the pigeons sheltering in the first pic.

I’m sure this morning’s forecast was for another mild day. It was damn cold. I left St Dunstan’s for St Margaret Pattens. City churches names tend to be double-barrelled as there are so many with the same dedication. Pattens were things people used to wear to lift them up from the filth and mire of the street. They were made nearby. There used to be a sign in the church asking members of the congregation to remove them before going in. I couldn’t see it, but they did have some pattens on display.

The basket makers are connected with St Margaret Pattens, so that’s why there are baskets displayed too. It was dark in the church, and as no one else was there, I took a picture of one of the swordrests.

But I peered in vain for the initials CW in the box pew at the rear of the church. Hopeful people say they stand for Christopher Wren, architect of this post Great Fire church, as well as many others and St Paul’s cathedral, but more prosaically they stand for church warden.

I like this sign.

AAnd the way the City bollard outside bears the church’s name.

As I left, I noticed signs for yoga classes at the church. They used to have aerobics classes there, in a side room, not the nave, and the noise would be very distracting for anyone who came in for some quiet meditation. Yoga sounds a much better idea.


13 thoughts on “A Wet Cold Afternoon in London

  1. I’m pleased your foot is on the mend, but sorry to hear about your arm, sounds like ‘mouse’ arm. Using the computer mouse can cause problems after a while, as I know with my elbow. Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, etc etc, now we must add ‘mouse over use’ to the list. Lovely pix here, Isobel, and the narrative with them. Take it easy now, give your arm some gentle massage with moisturisers.

  2. I too was happy to hear the foot is better but sorry to learn of your arm pain…..resting it obviously would give it a chance to get better but we’ll certainly miss your more regular postings until that day arrives. Hopefully it will be soon. Beautiful photos of the church though – I too love that sign……it inspires me to say: “Peace Be To Thee O Isobel My Friend”. Meanwhile write when you can and hug NotCat for us.

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. Oh Iso – You manage to roam around, sound cheerful, photograph and write about such interesting things despite the burning and stabbing! The responsible parts better get back on track ASAP. I hope the clicker is not to blame for any arm pain.
    Skimming past the pattens to get to your next paragraph, I had a sense of the familiar – your white espadrilles!
    Love the idea of yoga at the church although, if it was our group, there would be a lot of groaning.

  4. Get welll soon! Hope your arm will heal fast and yea nice posts despite what happened. Its alright that you might not be able to type as much, I bet all of us who reads you will want you to get well soon, When the arm heals fully, im sure the words will be out in posts will be outstanding! Have a good rest! πŸ˜‰

  5. Thank-you for the nice comments. Typing left handed over breakfast. I’m trying Deep Heat this morning and it seems to be helping a little.
    Yes those shoes so look a bit like my beloved espadrilles don’t they. Haven’t worn any in years. Perhaps I should have customised mine with flowers too.

  6. I’m sorry you are having those problems with your limbs and wish you patience and constancy for your final recovery.
    Good to read and watch your interesting discoveries!
    Will miss your warmth while being silent but will be suporting you!

  7. Glad to see your post Isobel. Good news about your foot πŸ™‚ Your arm, not so much. Give it some TLC so we won’t have to go too long without you. Enjoyed this post this morning, very peaceful with the pictures and I love the sign too πŸ™‚ Take care!

  8. Sorry to hear about your arm. I practically lost the use of one arm a couple of years ago. I ended up not being able to raise my arm above elbow height essentially, and the constant pain interrupted my sleep as well. I don’t know where your pain is. Mine appeared to originate in the shoulder, but eventually affected the elbow and other areas too. Months of physio and ibuprofen later it was no better.
    I spend most of my day at the computer, and I radically altered my typing position (lowering the keyboard to almost lap level) and it went away in a trout’s whisker.
    Could it be something you are doing – ongoing – that has fired it up?

  9. “Refrain from typing”??? That’s like saying “cut down on your breathing!”

    Hope all is back to normal very soon, Isobel. I’m sure you’ll find a way. You have the will.. Take care πŸ˜‰

  10. I went to one of the Chinese medicine places yesterday and had some acupuncture and a massage. I’m not cured, but it is a lot better. I think I’ll do a course of five treatments and see how it goes.
    Typing on the iPad feels softer, but I definitely need to limit it.

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