24 thoughts on “Weekly photo Challenge: Indulge

  1. He’s making a clean sweep of it….. sorry that’s the best Broom funny I can come up with 🙂

    I have to thank you Isobel, for mentioning my name on 5i’s blog, very kind of you.

  2. I’ve come to realize, cats, don’t need 4 legs, there is one not far from me who only has 3, and you should see him move, he’s like a rocket at full stretch, and can climb a tree in seconds. I did hear he has even been called upon to rescue a Firemen.

  3. I agree … nobody indulges like a cat — and I doubt we’ll never understand them.

    Isn’t a ‘ham’ someone who always want to be in the picture … «take ME, take me!!!!» ?!

  4. Thanks so much for trying. No, ‘in moderation’ doesn’t sound hopeful.
    I have NO idea how to contact WordPress. Maybe I should look into that.
    Maybe no one is looking at the comments, or even checking the bin. It’s not like it’s a private blog.
    I think it is bizarre. I understand the desire for security, but even so, this is extreme. I don’t think WordPress have any problems commenting on Blogspot?
    The first couple of weeks I was able to leave comments (after many tries) via facebook, but even that doesn’t seem to work now.
    Anyway, I think maybe I shall just admit defeat on that one. Shame, as it was fun.
    Thanks again for trying though.

  5. I do quite often encounter problems commenting on your page. Only two goes today before it was accepted. Sometimes the comments box just seems to freeze, others it says my identity cannot be verified…
    Have you tried via google, or just with your email address? I am finding the photo challenge a bit big, and mat defect to the Scroobious Pip and other places.

  6. he certainly gets the ‘i can and will make you smile’ award!
    missed this during the earlier challenge. too busy on my February project, i suppose. but am glad i bumped into it now. so delightful! thanks for sharing.

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