Gentle Snoring

I am off to bath and bed in a minute. I fetched Not Cat indoors a few minutes ago. He took a while to respond to my jingling keys, and once in, raced round the flat like it was Le Mans, yowled to go out and then jumped on the sofa and fell asleep.
His capacity to go from wide awake and quite bonkers to sound asleep in seconds amuses and amazes me.
My own bedtime routine takes a bit longer.
Sweet dreams.

10 thoughts on “Gentle Snoring

  1. My old cat, sleeps, eats, and does his business. He’s too sophisticated to play, so I pick on him instead. He loves it! 😉 He likes to sit on my lap and put his paws on the edge of the desk and dooze. Cat’s know how to annoy you in their own little way. I don’t know what I’d do without mine… the worthless beast. LOL! Sleep tight.

  2. Isobel we call Not Cat’s Le Mans run a F.R.A.P. Frenetic Random Activity Period or Frenetic Random Acts of Play 🙂 I think it more applies to dogs but the pet forum I use to frequent used it for both dogs and cats. Not Cat got in a frap last night before conking out! Or Not Cat has been frapping all morning 🙂 Enjoy your Friday and give Not Cat a little scritch for me.

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