One Hundred (and One) Women

For International Women’s Day I want to acknowledge one hundred women who have had positive impacts on my life.

Some are writers. Some are artists. Some inspiring historical figures whose achievements and determination leave me awed. Some were my teachers. Some are my friends. Some are related to me by blood.

There could be more. But one hundred seems a good round number to me.

To all of them, I would like to say thank-you.

So, in no particular order, here they are:
Miss Russell, Mrs Merritt, Miss Wigmore, Katherine Whitehorn, Hilary Mantel, Bridget Riley, Patricia Ledu, Sue Davis, Vicki Cooper, Antonia Byatt, Lorna Sage, Maria Anglada, Georgette Heyer, Colette, Emmeline Pankhurst, Kathleen Coley, Anne Durrant, Madeleine Smith, Lorna Sage, Penelope Lively, Gill Downham, Sarah Myers, Jessica Mitford, Muriel Spark, Pat Barker, Jane Gardam, Victoria Wood, Julie Walters, Carol Shields,Jane Austen, George Eliot, Nancy Griffith, Linda Smith, Cyndi Lauper, Anne Michaels, Annie Lennox, Kirsty MacColl, Joni Mitchell, Jasmine Teh, Beryl Bainbridge, Monica Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Katrine Prince, Chris Green, Alison Lester, Anne Simpson, Jane Bown, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Tracey Emin, Katherine Cuthbert, Germaine Greer, Rose Tremain, Noel Streatfield, Enid Blyton,
Margaret Forster, Donna Leon, Mary Stewart, Rose Elliot, Sarah Waters, Georgie Temple,
Carol Bartlett, Julia Bulgin, Dominique O’Hara, Vicky Edney, Anthea Sinclair, Dina Glouberman, Sharon Olds, Christina Rossetti, Nicola Collett, Kaylene Howatson, Mary Myers, Daphne Du Maurier, Mary Keightley, Hilary Ratcliffe, Alice Thomas Ellis, Jennifer Johnson, Pam Houston, Heather Steele, Krystyna Lutz, Barbara Comyns, Alison Lurie, Margaret Irwin, Françoise Sagan, Sarah Hickey, Maggi Cooke, Vanessa Benson, Jo Rowling, Jo Clark, Carol Mather, Barbara Wakefield, Kate Scott, Sue Hoar, Elizabeth l, Dodie Smith, Jen Lunn, Sam Hoyle , Judy Bax, Janet Barber, Daphne Sheldrick.

Thank-you. I would not be who I am without you. And I think there are one hundred and one names here, but I am not deleting any one.

18 thoughts on “One Hundred (and One) Women

  1. Thanks, Gilly. Glad you liked it.
    It was instructive to compile. A couple of names kept eluding me, but then suddenly they came back. It was a good exercise in thinking about who has influenced me.

  2. How really generous seems to stop for a while and thank one by one most of the women to whom you are grateful. I will imitate you and stop to think of them with a thank you. By the way, thank you Isobel for having introduced me (and my family!, yes!!!) to “Not an old load of lentils” (always in my kitchen up to today) through a delicious sheperd’s pie. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for saying thank you. I am honoured by you. Tnak you!

  3. Loved your tribute list. What a nice way to mark the day.
    The list is interesting – I agree with a good many names up there, and would have to say they have been very influential in my life too.
    Quite a few completely new to me!
    All in all, I’ll add my thanks to yours!

  4. I like this! IWD escaped my notice until I read about it in a blog. Later at work there was a formal bulletin acknowledging the contributions of the female employees.
    I may borrow this idea for next year (crediting you for it of course). Three cheers for Jane Austen!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a wonderful post Isobel. I recognize many of the women you have chosen to acknowledge. I find myself wanting to slip in an Annie Lennox CD, watch a move with Judi Dench or Maggie Smith Helen Mirren too and get that book read by Penelope Lively! I just keep seeing names on your post and they make me smile 🙂

  6. Your list has been coming to my mind from time to time over the weekend. And it makes me realise how deeply connected we, beings, are. Realise it or not. And how we are made in up by this connection. Like an essential network that links us all together and builds up us with the very same bricks!

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