All Grown Up

Rather a run of posts featuring Not Cat, so my apologies if you are looking for something different.

These pictures, which I took on Sunday, show how much he has grown up in the time he has been with me. And how much he loves the garden. He’s come a long way from the scaredy cat he was when he first ventured outside.

14 thoughts on “All Grown Up

    • Doesn’t he! and in effect, he does. There are no other cats living in this block of flats, so it is rightfully his space. i think Minstrel is no more, Sonny strolls through. There are, of course, the foxes.

      • He looks happy and healthy and like the world (or at least the garden) is his oyster. The foxes probably know just how far to push his buttons too – they are very smart. LOL

        Pam (and Sam)

  1. I am always happy to click over here and find Not Cat! Such a wonderful Fuzz Face he has with that little pink nose. Do you notice his nose taking on various shades of pink Isobel. Izzy, the kitty we had for 3 months, her nose would vary from very pale to vibrant pink. I’d never had a pink nosed kitty before.

  2. You now, I thought that was a trick of the light, or my imagination, but you are right! Any idea what it means? Cat had a pale pink nose with freckles. It didn’t change colour.

  3. I don’t think it is related to movement in Not Cat’s case. It was one of the most striking things about him when I first brought him home, and he was confined to the bathroom with very little opportunity to move around for a couple of days while I dealt with his flea infestation.
    I shall ask the vet when he goes for his injections next month.

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