Oh, Beautiful…

The tulips, again in the bathroom, were clearly on their last legs, but somehow, even more beautiful than when they were new.

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Aunt Kath had a friend who was an artist and painted stunningly gorgeous paintings of flowers. These remind me of her work. Helen, if you read this, could you supply her name please?

7 thoughts on “Oh, Beautiful…

  1. Thanks.
    Now that I have worked out to get my computer and scanner to talk to each other again after a spat of upgrade incompatibility, I should like to scan some pages from my grandmother’s autograph book. Pre First World War, it has some wonderful poems and drawings to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, but I don’t want to damage it.

  2. Isobel they are such a pretty color. Our daffodils are done for the season, sort of makes me sad till I realize that our lilies will be showing their faces soon. 🙂 The weather is all wacky, we had May/June storms yesterday! Crazy!

  3. Our iris are out, and as it is breezy, they do look like flags today. We need to replace our daffs. Many have come up blind, though the narcissi are doing well. I keep looking out for the tulips in the garden. We usually have a good show.

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