One Year

It is a year ago tonight since Freddy the Gorgeous Boy, known on this page as Cat, died. Now, as then, I’m preparing for bed. Next Sunday, I am going to ask you to join me in the evening by putting lighted candles in your windows to remember all the pets we have loved and who have enriched our lives.
Last year I asked the same, both here, by email, phone and face to face. The word spread to more people than I could have ever imagined. Friends here and in foreign countries passed the idea on and I got messages telling me of people who I have never met in the real or virtual world lighting candles. People told me stories of their pets. I heard of much loved dogs, of guinea pigs, cats and rabbits. There were memories of ponies, horses, donkeys and pet goats. It felt like people had kept these stories bottled up, and there was joy in the telling. Everyone’s pet was the best, which is just as it should be.
So dig out your candles, chill that bottle of good wine, and on Sunday night, let’s remember all the great times we have had with our pets, and how much we have loved them.
Tonight, I’m going to have a single candle, a glass of wine, and repost one of my favourite pictures of Freddy taken eleven months to the day before he died.

Perfect Happiness

24 thoughts on “One Year

  1. I’m sorry about the passing of you kitty. Believe me, I know the pain. I’ll be lighting a candle for “Stray” on Sunday night. I wish more people were like you, and showed respect to the critters that share our world.

  2. Isobel I read this post to CH with tears streaming down my cheeks. Freddie. Now I know his name. CH and I will be putting candles in our windows Sunday for the most bestest cats~ Freddy the Gorgeous Boy, my Z Cat and every bestest sweetest fuzz face out there. I will shoot you a picture of our house with the candles. What a sweet wonderful idea. Z has been gone since January 17, 2009. We will chill a bottle of MissouREE’s sweet Catawba and clink glasses with you and everyBODY. Freddy is a Gorgeous Boy and the picture of Happiness. Enjoy your glass of wine tonight and your wonderful memories of your Boy.

  3. Count us in Isobel! I have been lucky enough to have some really great pets that I loved and who I miss. They bring us so much joy that it is fitting to remember them and to say a little prayer for them.

  4. Sam and I will be lighting a candle Sunday and will ask everyone to join us in honoring our beloved pets who have graced our lives in so many ways. We thought about you last evening as well and I’m glad you celebrated Cat with NotCat by your side. This photo of your Freddy is really lovely in every way – the way the sun shines on his ginger fur, his facial expression…his total abandon in enjoyment of a great nap on the sofa. Our ginger boys……such a joy past and present. Sam and I send hugs…..

    Pam (and Sam)

  5. I am so glad people are going to join in again. Wouldn’t it be amazing if here on WP we got a ball rolling that spread worldwide? I should like to propose that the Sunday following 20th March becomes a pet remembrance day.
    Any thoughts?
    I shall be back later, but now work then acupuncture call.

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