Busy Boy

I am heading for an early night on this balmy and unseasonably warm March evening. Not Cat is full of the joys of spring. I was working from home this afternoon, so he was able to go out are lunch. He came in once for a snack, but yowled to go straight out again.
He was busy in the flower beds, pouncing on tiny creatures. He was busy on the walls, watching birds and surveying terrain. He was busy with the neighbours, rolling over and being petted. He was busy all the time. I managed to persuade him to come in half an hour ago. He wanted to go busying again, but I stood firm.
Now he is busied out and his eyes are closing against his will.
He has to stay in tomorrow while I am out at work, but I anticipate another busy evening once I am home.

13 thoughts on “Busy Boy

  1. Even my spoiled beast has become an outside cat the last couple of days. Hmmm, there is something about spring, I think. Cat’s aren’t stupid. 🙂

  2. You see what desperate lengths I am driven too!
    Since my return from Suffolk, every time I’ve tried to leave a comment on your (or other) blog(s) I get told that my email address belongs to someone else and I need to go back and log in to use it??????????????????!
    I DO NOT understand.
    So – I wonder if this will work instead??

  3. I am not ready to let him stay out all night! Though I can see that getting him is going to be tricky. Once in, he complains for a while, then tiredness seems to catch up on him, and he struggles to keep his eyes open. He’s out now, before I go to work, so I need to allow time to be him back in…

  4. Hi Isobel. We have had a sad day. You’ll see on my post.
    If you are posting again, esp, re your Remembrance Day tomoro, please would you be kind enough to put in a link to my new post, Light a Penny Candle – ? As you will see, I have linked to yours.
    It’s such a nice idea, and particularly relevant, sadly.

  5. I have just been to your page. So sorry about the Empress. I hope Napoleon finds solace with the other animals, and that you do too. I shall certainly link your post to mine.

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