13 thoughts on “Sunday Cyclists

  1. Ironically as you said on a previous post that you see no good reason that there shouldn’t be Boris Bikes in Manchester I saw that only today they had the opening for the first (as far as I know) bike hire, although it’s run by Virgin outside Piccadilly station and it’s for fold up bikes that fit into lockers. All very odd. So I don’t know if it’s a Manchester thing or a railway around the country thing.


    • Folding bikes? That is seriously cool. Do keep me up to date. You must have private bike hire outfits too. Maybe Manchester’s scheme s bent sponsored by Virgin, as London’s is sponsored by Barclay’s.

  2. Lovely series Isobel, well shot too. If the cyclists are moving, increase your shutter speed slightly, to freeze the shot. On the other hand, blurred movement can, and is, beautifully affective.

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