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A little while ago GillyGee tagged me. One of her questions asked, which was your most popular post?
I didn’t know, and I didn’t know where to look, but other people seemed able to answer the question, so I guessed it must be somewhere on WordPress.

I had a strong suspicion it would be this post, and I was right.

Rather disturbingly, drowning kittens and puppies features prominently in the searches that have led others to my page.

I am not sure what they think, when they find a poem and a family story.

5 thoughts on “Top Post

  1. I read ‘this post’ and left a comment there. I couldn’t bring myself to ‘like’ it, though. ;( What a sad thing for someone to do to a baby animal.

  2. I find it very alarming that there are people who are apparently looking for ‘how to’ do this end up here in such numbers. This post is far and away the most popular, almost four times as many views as the others. Admittedly, some people find it looking for the poem. But sadly, not all.

  3. Thanks for linking back to the poem Isobel i hadn’t seen it before. It’s horrid and makes me feel sick, I can’t imagine how someone could come up with such an idea 😦

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