Magnificent Magnolia

About twenty-five years ago, I bought a magnolia tree for my parents. I bought them another tree too, but I don’t remember what it was called. Magnolias were quite exotic then. I just knew that my parents had said they would like one.
Now they are ubiquitous, so it is fortunate that they are also beautiful and come in so many colours. This one, a vibrant pink, is near my home. I think it is magnificent.

But secretly, I prefer cherry blossom.

11 thoughts on “Magnificent Magnolia

  1. I have been out and about admiring magnolia’s too, rather concerned the frost may get them and turn blooms into brown sludge.

  2. I love magnolias and cherry trees and really ALL flowering shrubs….crepe myrtle are beautiful in all colors, etc. The cherries are blooming here (aka cherry blossom festival in DC) but magnolias won’t until a bit further into the warm weather. My pink dogwoods are both blooming right now and they smell delightful and are another one of those “delicate” pink blossoms. Mother Nature certainly has her Easter hat on right now! LOL

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. I love all blossoms, so beautiful and fleeting. Next door has a Daphne, not as pretty as Magnolia of course, but oh the fragrance, and the scent carries such a distance!

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