Busy Bee

Last year was supposed to be the Year of the New Kitchen, to be followed by the New Flooring, and New Sofa Covers.

For various reasons, none of those things happened. The kitchen continues to fall apart, the carpet has almost achieved antique status, and I drenched the sofa in red wine a few weeks ago. Going backwards and forwards to see Mother in hospital, check out nursing homes, and simply working, meant other bits of my little home were also neglected, and boy does it show.

So, time to get back on track. I may have mentioned before that I have a book habit. I cull my books periodically, and used to have a good method of cleaning a shelf a week and identifying the books I could part with. That habit, like the similar one of doing a drawer or cupboard each week, also fell by the way.

My books multiplied, bred while I was not looking, and even when I removed the odd one or two, the others just breathed out to fill the space. But today I can proudly say that the bottom section of the book table has been straightened out, and so has the small bookcase. Various books have gone to a new home in the second hand section of the local bookshop. Others are in a neat pile waiting for their new owners to collect them.

I have also chosen material for loose covers for the sofa, and found a carpet dealer who will bring samples to my home. That’ll have to wait a bit though. He’s away ski-ing. There’s another place someone has recommended that I may get to visit first.

There’s still a way to go before the kitchen plans get revived, but it does feel good to have made a start.

Oh, and I have the hot cross buns ready for tomorrow too!


12 thoughts on “Busy Bee

    • i still have a long way o go here, but am willing to share. I had started to call my sitting room the slum, and it just felt bad. Now I feel the road to recovery may yet be mine. No one but old old friends are allowed in the kitchen though!

  1. Ah yes, Isobel, I recognise this “it will not do” moment!

    Which of course is why we started on the redecoration and restoration project sometime last summer. The problem is, once you start, you cannot stop.

    So, outside looks great, half the inside is looking good but there is a way to go yet.

  2. It must be the day for reclaiming plans! So far today, I’ve blogged for the first time in ages and resolved to go on an 8 week photography course (1 night a week) to do something just for me instead of working.

    Your efforts sound a little more productive in the decluttering stakes. I have plenty of clutter and books… you’re welcome to visit and do mine too Isobel!

  3. Hot Cross Buns!!!! I cleaned the mini-blinds on The Porch Wednesday because CH said they looked furry. My arms and shoulders feel sore. I am incredibly out of shape. Walking does nothing for upper body strength! I have a hard time letting go of my books. I think it is probably wise I purchased a Reader.

  4. We began spring cleaning here yesterday with a “house wash”…..inside is another matter! Congratulations on making a start though…..the first step is sometimes the hardest. 😉

    Pam (and Sam)

  5. I still haven’t completely got the hang of parting with books…. When you look through them again, considering carefully, don’t you find that each one sparks new interest and the thought “Oh. I will surely read this again one day!”

  6. I can’t claim any great achievements for today. I slept badly, due mainly to my distress at the committee’s decision to hang plastic balls of fake greenery instead of hanging baskets, and their talk of a minimalistic garden. My mind churns. So, today I have worked in the morning, and then joned Not Cat on the sofa and read my book.
    Book culling is a necessity in a flat this size. I still have far more than I need.

  7. Plastic balls of fake greenery ….. sounds slightly obscene.
    Here, a new house down the street sports an Astroturf lawn.
    It’s pretty stunning in the wintertime.

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