Easter Monday

The chances of posting today are so slim as to be non-existent. Maybe it’s the weather (windy with some rain, the warmer side of cold, but only just) but the Internet does not want to come out to play. It is probably curled up somewhere snug with a good book.
I’ve just had some cocoa and the last of my hot cross buns, put my book aside and am reflecting on the day. Outside the fenders are squeakily doing their job as the wind continually pushes the boat against the pontoon. Ducks fly over head and the starlings are squabbling in the tree behind me. Two swallows have just danced by, or could they be house martins? The sky is full of sulky pale grey cloud. The weeping willows, so calm and graceful on warm days, are moving like a green frothy tide in the buffeting wind.

Not Cat is on the bed, disdaining all my attempts to get him to join me in the fore cabin. Or was that a small meow I just heard? Maybe he’ll appear in a minute. Yesterday his eyes were like saucers as he watched the geese fly over in formation. I think he spent the first part of the night glued to the window. The ferals are crouched up by the cars, ruffled and resigned.
While I was away visiting, those brave boaters who had been out over the weekend returned, moored their boats, got into their cars and left. Now only Noisy Man and Wife, their dog, Not Cat and I remain.
I journeyed over to Aunt after breakfast. I bought her some free range eggs from one of the farms. One was huge. We reckon it might be a triple yolk. Poor hen. Aunt went into full Mrs Doyle mode, desperate to get me to eat or drink something. Only after I accepted some Schloer did she relax. Her back is giving her problems and the doctor wants her to put ice packs against it. She said that if he had to choose between cold and hunger, she would choose hunger. I’m still thinking about it. I gave her lecture about using her trolley as a walking aid. She countered by saying her walker doesn’t have a bag. When I get home I must have a surf and see what I can find.
Next stop to see family friends who have had their own health problems. We talked hairstyles, iPads and local nature reserves, before sharing a mutual distrust of David Cameron, disbelief at the idea of George Osborne being in charge of the economy, and despair at Michael Gove leading the way on education.


8 thoughts on “Easter Monday

  1. How nice to have got rid of the pompous asses and have the marina (almost) to yourself.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay! Love your description of the willows and am very jealous if they were swallows. We haven’t seen one yet – but expect them any day now.

  2. A chilly, windy getaway on das Boot still sounds lovely with you and NotCat sharing the space and being companionable. We have Canadian geese “flyovers” here as there’s a pond two houses down from us where they roost. Sam loves it when they do a “low flyover” as they prepare to land so close to our house…I love willows – so lacey and loose….your description of your space there is lovely.

    Pam and Sam

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