Sunny Morning

It rained all night. Every time I woke up, usually because Not Cat bounced on me, but once because he had a poo and the smell filled the boat, demanding urgent attention, I could hear the rain beating down It was quite warm though, and I was pushing my extra covers away.
When morning came, and Not Cat was asleep across my legs, it was quiet. The boat rocked gently. I lifted the curtain and saw blue skies. I stretched. Not Cat opened his eyes and stretched too, and watched me. I invited him to say good morning. He continued to watch me. I closed my eyes again.
A while later, I woke properly. Not Cat rubbed my nose with his. He wanted to go out, but the deal was he had to wear his new harness. He went back to bed. I went over to the shower block for some Spartan ablutions.

It was cold but bright. The wind gusted, so one minute I was warm, the next feeling cold air slicing through me. Last years cygnets swam on the river.
I dithered. I was tempted to stay, but my ginger boy really needed some outdoor play. Eventually I decided to pack up and return to London.
Vacuuming the boat, I was amazed at how much fur Not Cat had shed over the weekend. I let it go into the wind. Birds will line their nests with it.
The sunshine brought more people to the marina. A man was anxiously changing the oil on his boat, a Freeman.

I picked Not Cat up to place him in the pet caddy. Suddenly he seemed to have far more legs than I had noticed before. He clung to me, to the drawer, to the bed. Useless to explain to him we were leaving so he could run about outside.
Surprisingly, he travelled very well. A few protesting meows to start, then silence. We had two stops. Once when I saw a litter bin and offloaded three bags of litter tray contents, and then at a hardware store where I knew there was a loo.
Ironically, as we neared home there was a real April shower. Blue skies but splodgy rain beating down for a few minutes.
He has been outside almost constantly since we got back. Even hailstones in another shower barely fazed him. The blackbirds were squawking mightily and no sign of my boy, so I guessing he was hidden in foliage too close to their nest.
Twenty four hours on the boat have left me with sealegs. I am rocking gently, looking forward to being afloat again in a few weeks time.


10 thoughts on “Sunny Morning

  1. Charlie would escape and be so gone forever if I tried to come anywhere near him with a harness…actually so would Jack. When i do something she doesn’t like she stays out just to worry me on purpose !!!

  2. Morning Isobel. Glad you’re back safe, albeit swaying slightly. 🙂 The “more legs” comment made me smile! I have no idea how you go about getting a cat used to a harness, but it would be useful to allow you more time happily together on das Boot.

    I’ve thought of trying a lead on Leo (Lily would be hopeless. She’s got two speeds – frantic and creepy) but I can’t imagine him walking at my pace anyway!

  3. Morning all.
    I need to practise with the harness at home, but he hates it so that I tend to take it off very quickly. Then, at the boat, I should try him in it from the car if it is quiet at the marina, and let him have a mooch on the end of the lead. It is not ideal, but it means he can have some safe outdoor time. Seeing how he ranges further and higher here as his confidence grows, I dread to think what he could get up to at the marina. 🙂

  4. Hi Isobel….Sam has been using his harness since he was a kitten so at this point – 12 years later – he actually HELPS me put on the harness – lifting each leg – holding his head up high, etc. It’s quite cute and when I get the harness from its’ place by the door he gets excited because he knows it means “OUT”. He’s never had the free ranging that NotCat has had….if he had, I doubt he’d be as “cooperative” as he’s always been!! Your das Boot getaway sounded so lovely and no doubt you’re looking forward to the next one in a few weeks.


  5. Glad you are home safe Isobel! NotCat is probably having a wonderful time outside. I am impressed at what a good boy he is with you. He must really trust you. Our Country Cat howled in the car, I think she picked up on my anxiety about thinking she would be anxious. She did love the boat though. So, you get to go back soon! A great thought! 🙂

  6. Thanks. Yes I think he does trust me most of the time. The new car has better suspension, so that may help. Also I was dosing his food with Serene-Um. He is bird watching now. Scrambling up trees and perching on walls in hopeful anticipation.i just hope no bird falls prey to his methods.

  7. I’ve thought about a harness for Atticus, but I don’t think I could even get it on him. He won’t wear a collar. He snaps them off immediately. Good luck!

  8. I Used to curry Magi and bring some of his loose hair home for my compost and the ‘city’ birds to use to line their nests with, too. They loved it. So Not Cat doesn’t like the cat-carrier anymore? Imagine that. My cats aren’t fond of theirs either. Sounds like you had a good time out on the water, anyway. Good for you! I’ve seen a lot of boats on the road where I am as well. It seems it’s that time of the year again for water recreation. 🙂

    • Hi Orples. I think Freddy’s fur, which was very thick, must have lined a million bird’s nests. I used a furminator on him as well as grooming him several times each day. Not Cat is slowly learning to enjoy being groomed. He has never liked the pet caddy. I bought a harness that plugs into the seat belt socket, but he can get out of it! Basically, I don’t think he likes being confined. Fair enough really, neither do I.

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