Gentle Dereliction

Gosh, it’s nice to sit down. I have been on the go all day and tiredness is hitting me like a bag of sand. I’ve come into the sitting room to avoid a mess of paper I have to deal with in the kitchen. I put it there. In contrast, the sitting room is fairly ordered, but I am not looking too closely at the table or the trunk. Too much lurks there.

So maybe it’s this mood of gentle fatigue that makes me particularly appreciate these pictures tonight. The subjects aren’t exactly fresh and tidy, yet I like them. A comforting thought. Dereliction and decay can still have charm.

I like the way nature softens things that humans abandon. Things that often weren’t very pretty to start with. These derelict and dilapidated buildings are rescued from ugliness by the creepers and lichens. The sunlight helps too.

20 thoughts on “Gentle Dereliction

  1. Hi Isobel.

    I’m still reading. You sound a bit weary but thank you for posting these photographs. I love the untidiness and dereliction too.

    I’ve been meaning to take some photos of a friend’s much neglected greenhouse. It’s huge and falling apart, but somehow very pleasing. She had it demolished and removed last week, unfortunately. 😦

  2. AS odd as it sounds I have a bit of an affinity for things that are deteriorating away. Speaks to me somehow, touches something deeply within. I especially liked to see how the foliage is growing up through that which has been left behind. Kind of rewarding don’t you think?

  3. Mother Nature taking back her space…..what we abandon, she reclaims. I always think of “ashes to ashes” somehow when I pass an old tumbled down structure or some such.


  4. Isobel I know what you mean about being tired. We were on the road all day yesterday and we will be back on the road today. I am bushed and just want to sit on my porch. Run down things have a charm of their own!

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