The Play Cube Haiku

There is no doubt the play cube has been a success. Barely a day goes by without Not Cat jumping in and out of it. Sometimes, for a bit of variety, he jumps on top of it. Sometimes he pushes it along.

With the rain this month, it has been given a thorough workout at wet playtimes. It is looking rather battered. There are a few small holes and I have had to wrap metal spokes and put corks on the end of them to stop lethal injuries.

Play Cube

You might think I am looking forward to its eventual demise, the day when I can put it in the bin with a clear conscience.

You’d be right. Almost. But such is Not Cat’s pleasure in this toy I think I shall have to get another.

My consolation is that this box, which he also quite likes, looks even worse.


So in honour of the orange object, I give you The Play Cube Haiku:

In the sitting room
the play cube leans drunkenly
orange to one side.


8 thoughts on “The Play Cube Haiku

  1. NotCat has certainly used and abused that orange cube AND the box as well. Sam’s “tent” has holes in strange places and the bottom is coming loose but I have another one waiting in the wings – I knew he’d wear this one out eventually and so he has. Loved your haiku….. 😉

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. To be fair, I probably damaged the box more than he did. It has now been placed outside on the landing; the first stop en route to recycling. I may have to search out a different colour. Orange was the only colour in stock when I got this one despite being cheaper than the alternatives, no prizes for guessing why!
    Perhaps I should be looking for a tent like Sam’s, except he does love the porthole at the top!

  3. I used to hang cat toys from the underside of my furniture for the cats. People would wonder about my choice of decor, I’m sure. The things we do for our critters. Chicky Monster (my cat) is too old to be playful anymore, so I took his toys down…finally. They were fun while they lasted, though.

    • Orples, I have something dangly from a chair for Not Cat too! Glad to hear I am not the only one doing this. And I still have a footstool at the end of the bed that Cat used in his last years not help him climb on and off!

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