Exciting Life

Ooh dear. Just gone eight o’clock and what I should most like to do is go to bed. OK, my excuse is I’ve been working all day. It’s funny how I can feel all bright and breezy and full of vim while working, only to slump the moment I get home. Well, that applies to some jobs anyway. I had a good day. On the go all the time, demanding but fun and positive. Other jobs can be really energy sapping in a negative way and I come home feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.
It didn’t help that I overslept this morning.
The alarm didn’t go off. Fortunately, I awoke in time, but it was a bit of a rush not how I had planned to start the day.
Not so long ago, I should have thought it a waste and a shame to stay home on a Saturday night. Now it is the acme of my ambition.
The only thing keeping me out my pyjamas is Not Cat. He’s been in all day and is the yin to my yang. Or maybe that should be yang to my yin. He’s outside rushing about, climbing trees and walls, bristling with energy to spend. He came in briefly and then yowled lustily to be let out again, bustled down the stairs, ready to take on the world.
I am going to turn on the television and set up the ironing board.
Gosh, my life is exciting.

13 thoughts on “Exciting Life

  1. Gosh your life is relaxing. Yours and Not Cat’s.

    I see nothing but delight any time I can be in jammies. And ironing? I always find it relaxing, kind of Zen like work. Hope you had a nice evening.

  2. We are leading a pretty exciting life too Isobel. I was out sound asleep on the couch last night after Cats 101, 8:30 I think, and then back awake at 1:30 in the morning. I read blogs 🙂 I had my jammies(flannel pants) on at four in the afternoon! I know!! I couldn’t take my jeans one minute longer.

    • I felt quite bad after publishing that post. How dull, I thought. But now I see we all have our dull moments, and you understand.
      Bath and pyjamas shortly. I am yawning,

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