The Visitor

Not Cat took to our visitor straightaway. They met in the garden. He came to me with his tail up and kinked over at the top, then went to respond to her greetings, lifting his head to her hand.

Confident Cat

That’s a confident cat, she exclaimed. We headed for the flat with himself prancing along with us. Inside the door to the building, he barrelled past her up the stairs. She was hefting a rather large and very green case, so her progress was understandably slower. Not Cat waited on the doormat as though for the world showing her which door she needed.

There was no hiding, no hint of shyness. He is getting increasingly bold with new people, but this was unprecedented. He was entirely comfortable. I did find him quietly checking out the green case, and her handbag got a few sniffs too. Maybe the information he picked up there was reassuring. He lay on his back at her feet, licked her hand, allowed himself to be picked up.

When she went to bathroom, he went too. He wasn’t sure about being shut in with her and I could hear him trying to open the door, but several hours later when she went again, this time leaving him outside, he was by the door waiting for her when she came out.

He sat on the sofa with her, purred, played and frustrated her attempts to photograph him.

I’d say Not Cat and Sophie Scott got on pretty well.

21 thoughts on “The Visitor

  1. I love this post! Exquisitely done. A short little window into a happy world. Simple, clear language — and so vividly expressive of a moment that seems so significant. Lovely.

  2. NotCat knew immediately she was “one of the good ones” !! LOL Hope all of you had a lovely visit – certainly NotCat was glad for company and ready to be “friends”……….

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. Oh excellent. You kept us guessing until the end. No doubt you both had a great time – and NotCat responded just as I would expect to one who adores felines. 🙂

    My two aren’t confident with all visitors at all. They tend to ignore most, but have picked out my brother as a complete softie – he loves them to bits – and another friend who is catless but had a beautiful characterful Siamese who was the love of her life. Cats are definitely discriminating whereas my dogs definitely weren’t! 🙂

  4. I was fairly surprised. I had been hoping he’d be friendly, but hadn’t expected him to be so relaxed. I am looking forward to her account of the meeting.
    I should say that I enjoyed meeting her too!
    He’s not happy tonight. The rain has been pelting down and although he has had some indoor play, I think he’s full of unspent energy.

  5. I have this effect…..

    I had a lovely time meeting you both, the restaurant was great, and if I didn’t have three cats then Not Cat might have been whisked away in the suitcase 😀

  6. Well early early on it was one where he was stretched out under a table at your Mother’s I believe. Then it was one of the ones with him cruising on the stair railing and then it was the one of him curled up on your pajamas. I also love the one of him posing on the pink and white blanket on das Boot. But his face is just so sweet here. But that one of him curled up on your pajamas makes my heart smile. Each new picture is my favorite. It was that way with ZCat too.

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