What to Wear?

It seems like an age since I wrote anything creative, so I had a quick look over at Julia’s page and the current 100wcgu for a bit of inspiration.
As so many people join in now, and I probably am not going to have the time to read many of the stories, for the moment I am not linking my piece back to her page. Just writing something was therapeutic. Thanks Julia!

So, here goes:

Rosalind held the dress up against her.
“What do you think?”
“Ghastly, said her brother. “You look like an extra from The Empire Strikes Back.”
He pointed his chin at the enormous fruit bowl on the table, “Are they just for show, or can I eat one?”
“Help yourself.”
Rosalind gazed critically in the mirror. She sighed. “You’re right. It’s too yellow. What can I wear?”
Dan took a bite from the apple and chewed for a moment.
“That dark dress you wore last week, sort of William Morris design? It looked good. Classy.”
“The Liberty print? You reckon? OK, let’s give it a go.”


18 thoughts on “What to Wear?

  1. This one had me laughing…an extra from “The Empire Strikes Back.” Brothers can be so cruel, but at least he was honest.

  2. That is brilliant! I love it!! I have yet to come up with inspiration for mine and I am not blogging nearly enough these days…sigh. It’s so hard to fit everything in!! Anyway, I think this is great! Well done!! 🙂

    • Thank-you so much, Flossie. It is so lovely when someone tells me they have have enjoyed something I have written.
      Good luck with your story. It’s funny how they pop (or don’t) into your head. I quite fancy writing another, so I shall see if there are any other prompts around.

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