Fecund Friday

It was the wisteria that did it. Another grey day in London. Honestly, you could count the moments of sunshine on the fingers of one hand.


Anyway, there it was tumbling all over the neighbours’ house. It must have been blooming for days, but some reason I only noticed it this morning. The weather doesn’t prepare me for the way the plants have flowered. So, I opened my eyes and saw wondrous things. Huge huge tulips, roses, weeds; a cornucopia of colour to which I have been blind. No camera alas.

So this evening, I decided to stroll my local turf and see what I could see.

First NotCat in the tree, with a red rose behind him.

Red Rose and Ginger Ninja

Then roses everywhere. These pinkish white ones looking like notes on a scale.

A Scale of Roses

These yellow ones made me gasp. So lush and rich.

A Crown of Roses

Then I found this single perfect rose.

The Soloist

Why do geraniums look so amazing in Greece and so buttoned up at home? Here’s one doing duty outside a front door.

The Guardsman

In contrast, this lily, and it is not my favourite flower, is wonderfully theatrical.


This looks like a passion flower to me, though I don’t think it is. But just look at it, baring its beautiful soul to all and sundry.

Open Hearted

If peonies were wine they would be port; full bodied, confident. This one is no exception.


And then through the railings, a planter with prosaic and pretty pansies.

Fenced in Pansies

Yet I think my favourite sighting was not a flower at all. This tree was chopped down last year. Its trunk was scored with a cross, but it is a survivor and it is not giving up so easily.


23 thoughts on “Fecund Friday

  1. I’ll be planting my new wisteria today! (So that it drapes around my pergola room.) I noticed yesterday that it is blooming and smells heavenly! For some reason I assumed I wouldn’t have blooms this year, so what a very nice surprise.

    Noticing burgeoning life around me always takes me away from worry. Is the Open Hearted photo a clematis? I’m happy Not Cat was part of repairing your day, Isobel! –Laurel

  2. Lovely photos of your “environs” Isobel….NotCat his usual monkey self but handsome as ever……clematis – definitely…..and that last photo with the tree that refuses to die – love its’ spirit. Anything that tries that hard deserves to carry on. Goodnight!

    Pam (and Sam)

    • I have a fondness for that tree. Cat used to climb it as one of his access points to the walls. Once his arthritis kicked in, it was the only way he could get up there.

  3. Love the incredible contrast between each frame. I absolutely was delighted as I watched the drama unfold as I kept scrolling down the page. The Calla Lily is striking all alone with no need for support escorts, she walks tall into the room her head held high. How perfect.~

    • The lily is so Victorian looking. It probably helps that it is in a shaded area, so it makes it more dramatic. I love the dark green intensity of its leaves. Make me think of sarah waters book Affinity, though I don’t remember any lily references. Maybe I’ll look.

  4. Beautiful moments. We have had some sunshine for a good part of this week, so if there was a way to send you some, I would.
    That flower looking so passionate is a clematis as everyone else has been saying. Those are so fascinating, as they come in all sorts of colours and sizes, and some are sun-loving and others are shade-loving, and some bloom twice in their growing season, and there are early and late bloomers. Probably more than you needed to know πŸ™‚
    Loved your musical roses. I was trying to read the notes to see if it was a major or a minor scale, and everything looks major here. Even that surviving tree stump. You can’t keep the good guys down!
    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend. πŸ™‚

  5. Loving the flowers, loving the wisteria (now that the lane is closed forever) and of course a special LIKE for your Ginger Ninja in the tree. Take care Margie πŸ™‚

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