I Want One of Those

Hovercraftdoggy, two architects who post wonderful photographs by a whole range of people, posted one of a baby caravan in dappled sunshine the other day. You can see it here if you click. I’ve been thinking about it off and on ever since.

I covet it. I imagine it is cramped, and I do not know that I would want to tow anything anywhere. But I still I want one.
I had a look online. There seem to be quite a few about.

Then I found this.

How come I have never seen one like it before? Absolutely brilliant. It has taken covetousness to new levels.

And then I found this, and realised that the makers don’t seem to know its been done before and better:


10 thoughts on “I Want One of Those

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  2. I was slightly concerned by the launching method for the Pathe version. I was alarmed that the boat seemed to be unattached to the wheel base as they were driving through the countryside (I know, they probably had some kind of clamp but still…..) and then they just seemed to tip it off the wheelbase. Then they didn’t show how easy it was to get the thing out of the water……

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