21 thoughts on “Puss and Phone Box

      • Would have absolutely no idea, and it’s not because of the public phone bit — it’s that I’m from the days before — as my mother-in-law used to say — “dismal guernsey.” When dinosaurs roamed the earth. I had just got the hang of Lbs shillings pence — when they introduced the guernsey of the dismal.

  1. Wait a minute. This was so long ago, maybe even the joke “dismal guernsey” has passed from living memory. Has it? Ya know what I’m talking about? At all?

  2. Those phone boxes are perfect in concept. And specifically this one. With an ivy pendant and an ever-so-stylish branch-influenced chapeau. Q-Tip: Take note. Lose the hats. Take a hint from Giles Gilbert Scott, for how good taste ought to be done.

    • Blimey, I don’t know any of these terms. Where did you learn them? Have been thinking of you and your boys q a bit today. Will blog later and you’ll see why.

      • Where do I get all that lint at the bottom of my purse, so to speak? Asperger’s? But — Hey! I can’t wait to see what you’re thinking!

        • Well, I was alive in the 70s and remember the change to the decimal system – on 15th Feb 1971 as it goes – but I have never heard of dismal guernseys before, or ER as Q-tip!
          Wait no more…

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