Afternoon Naps

Warm weather came make the liveliest of us a bit sleepy in the afternoon.

Fox napping

Cat Napping


13 thoughts on “Afternoon Naps

    • Thought of you today when I was at a local fete and there was a stand for dog sitters. They had special home made dog biscuits and fairy cakes. Right up your street I thought. Really nice people. I brought home a biscuit for my neighbour’s dog. she loved it.

      • I am investigating how to make livercake treats for Chevvy. Though she is in the bad books this morning having peed in the house. All over new curtains I was sewing and that were neatly stacked on the floor…she hates water and it is raining here so I guess she thought that was reason enough…
        Actually for some reason one of the cats has taken to spraying lately…I think it is Charlie and I think it is stress from the SAS trained cat that he took on recently and got dealt to. But I am about ready to lock them all outside for the rest of the year…

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