A Stranger in Town

Around the time that Cat died I posted about a naughty but handsome ginger who had appeared. No one knew where he lived. He was one of the reasons why NotCat wears a collar as this lad quickly acquired a reputation for raiding kitchens and marking his territory. People were letting him know he was not wanted in these parts. The last thing NotCat needed as he adapted to his new environment and learned about the great outdoors was neighbours shooing him away. Hence the bell and notice given to all and sundry.

Then Ginger went away. I have seen once or twice, but today he showed up in our garden and has been there all day.

The Ginger Stranger

The first I knew of his presence was when I found NotCat sitting on the gatepost looking pensive. He jumped down to greet me and Ginger appeared from under a shrub. I can’t work out his intentions. NotCat seems to want to be friends. But there’s evidently some tension between the two.


Ginger is not feral. He has sniffed my proffered hand but not advanced further. However, when I gave NotCat a tummy rub, Ginger came over and biffed him.

NotCat wants to be outside with him, so he can’t be too worried.

Take Two

It’d be great if they were friends. It looks possible.

Up Close and Personal

But just after I took that photo, NotCat had a change of heart and ran off.

I’d still like to know where Ginger lives.

24 thoughts on “A Stranger in Town

  1. He’s a very handsome fellow isn’t he? Fabulous markings but a little less vivid than NotCat. I like the thought of cats having friends they go out to play with 😀

    • I like the way he’s a cross between Cat and NotCat in looks, though certainly not in temperament.
      t the moment he is taking NOtCat’s mind off birdwatching, bit two feline friends could mean double trouble for the birds. He seems possessive if NotCat pounces on an insect. I wish I understood the dynamic here.

  2. These two look like they might be related. Could ginger be a long lost uncle? Hmmm, the mystery continues. 🙂 It would be nice if they made friends with each other. It’s always nice to have a pal.

    • I don’t know where Ginger lives or anything about him, alas. Actually I don’t know much more about NotCat but he was living fifty miles away before he came here.

  3. The Ginger Stranger is a beauty…..maybe he’s a distant cousin of NotCat’s considering the swirliness in the coat markings (although NotCat’s is prettier AND his face is sweeter). Perhaps they will work out their differences and just “agree to disagree” and become playpals in the same territory.


  4. Ah HA! I see! So then you’d have to know, but of course — I totally love this post! These two boys are simply splendid together! What fun, if they did become able to tolerate closeness. They are GORGEOUS. Ahhh — cat dynamics. Endlessly riveting.

  5. He’s a handsome one, and appears he has some history to him. Looks like his nose has taken a few punches and his coat seems slightly raggly, as if he’s been living outside for some time. He also has that “don’t-mess-with-me-look” in his eyes. Love your portrait of him and the dual portrait.

  6. We were visited by some neighbour’s cat for about a year, he/she would stand on hind legs looking in windows if there was no sign of us outside, then stopped visiting. Asked around and a neighbour said, ” Haven’t you heard? Got run over.”

    • OMG, no pressure then. I have already been trying to imagine life with two cats, but I live in a flat and I don’t think my neighbours would be amused. I suppose I could foster him though. That’s if he comes back.

  7. Dear Isobel & Cat, Laghitana suggested I drop by. It’s the ginger connection. Your input in the great ginger poll would be much appreciated. We are trying to establish if ginger is ‘different’. Highly scientific. Results to be published in journals (mine, mostly). if you get a minute, do pop by. Best regards, Deirdre

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