Stranger Morning

As soon as I let NotCat out this morning, Ginger appeared from across the road. I watched as he walked up to NotCat to check he wasn’t going to assault him, but it was a friendly nose to nose sniff with both looking relaxed.
I may have more problems than usual getting NotCat in when I go to work, but I am fascinated by this relationship.

8 thoughts on “Stranger Morning

  1. NotCat has found a fellow ginger buddy….they look rather spectacular standing side by side don’t they. Hopefully Ginger Stranger won’t be leading NotCat astray….!


    • And I thought of you and your constipated boy when I went to get NotCat in. He was having a prodigious poo while Ginger watched him from a distance of a couple of feet.

      • Always nice to be thought of in connection with poo. But seriously — ever since that episode to which you refer and through which we suffered, I have properly celebrated poo. Given it its due, so to speak. Glad to hear things are moving over by you. Woo hoo. Coming through.

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