Sunny Vixen

This vixen, walking on the garden wall, looks in peak condition. The dog fox is out of sight on the other side of the wall. From the noises when he leapt down into the other garden, something was being killed and eaten.

Sunny Vixen

22 thoughts on “Sunny Vixen

  1. You’re so lucky. Ours don’t come until very late when it’s very dark. Barely got a photo out of them in years of trying.

    • 🙂 She’s asleep on top of the wall right now. I’ll see if i can get a photo for you. You’ll just see her red coat in the green foliage.
      This was one of several photos and a wobbly film.

  2. What a great shot. I know what you mean to restrain from posting more than one when you have a bunch of great images. I do try to limit to one as I think it is more effective and has more impact to viewers. When I do a “report” on a market or an event I do the slideshow sometimes but this single image just stays in your brain the best.

  3. Sometimes you need more pix to tell the story. I am thinking of NotCat playing in the recycling bag. And sometimes a sideshow takes you on a journey. But this time, I thought although the other pix would interest my neighbours because we would be looking at where the foxes went, for anyone else they would just be a lot of pictures of the same animals.
    Luckily for my self control, I had just discovered this theme allowed a header pic. 🙂

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