One Picture

I’ll spare you the many many pictures I took today. At least this evening. But here’s one of the Queen with the nearest members of her family on dull grey day with light rain that turned heavy by the end of the afternoon. The flotilla, which I heard one US visitor saying as flow-tilla yesterday, a nice contrast with the British fl’tilla, was amazing, rain and all.

The Queen

Imagine my excitement when I saw the Royal Marines escorting her, and realised they had been rehearsing this role when I watched them on Thursday.

It’s been a long day. I am working tomorrow, so that’s probably it from me tonight. I hope everyone has had a brilliant day.

18 thoughts on “One Picture

  1. Amazing shot, so colorful and there she is in the outfit I read about. Really nice to see your photo.
    So colorful and historic. Sums it up perfectly!

    • 🙂 Thanks. I shall probabky post more in the coming days, but am away on Tuesday until the end of the week and they may be past their sell by date by the time i am home.

  2. Great picture! They all look fab! Missed the fl’tilla as fell asleep in the sun this afternoon – first day on our own for weeks! However, LOVED All the Queen’s Horses this evening. Fab! Have a lovely few days away, and don’t think your pix will be outdated next weekend! We’ll all still be catching up!

  3. Lucky you!

    We watched it here, courtesy of the BBC, but would loved to have been part of it.
    I was immensely impressed by the organisation and planning, and it was a wonderful occasion.

    • I saw some on tv when I came in, but I found the wittering banter and the related items (ten babies born in one hospital yesterday! Lovely for he families but hardly the stuff of national interst) rather deflating. I wanted to watch highlights last night but could not see that any where on. Weird.

  4. Wow can I be a bit green with emvy? You are so awesome to take the time to add these photos to your blog and post them for us. I am a US-er who is so smitten with your Royals I want some of my own.
    I have been accused before of being an anglophile which I cannot disagree with, only the title bores me.
    I adore the culture, am fascinated by the rituals.
    What an exciting time for your country. Congrats again!

    • Green is a beautiful colour. Go ahead!
      The weather is dreadful, it poured in the night. I approve of that but this morning is cold and windy. Hardly flaming June.
      The rituals are only a tiny weeny part of us, but probably the things that mark us out to foreigners. If you can get here for the Trooping of the Colour one year. I think you’d love it. It is amazing. You might say awesome! You get thre gos as there are two reviews before HM gets in her carriage. One was last Saturday, then the next two Saturdays, every year.

  5. We happily watched a bit of the coverage on television but I just know it had to be exciting to be watching it “up close and personal”…..too bad the weather didn’t totally cooperate but a little rain can’t dampen the spirit of the celebration – lovely photo Isobel!

    Pam and Sam

  6. I can’t but congratulate you for being able to really celebrate the jubilee of a head of state: of your Queen! I envy you and all English citizens! God Save the Queen! Your Queen!

      • I meant we (the Catalan people) don’t have a Queen/King nor a ruler of whom we could be proud. “Our” king has been shooting elephants in Botswana while the Spanish citizens (“his citizens”) are enduring very hard times. EERII nor her parents have never let you down in difficult moments!
        And I must say I am not a royalist.

        • I’m not much of a royalist either. I think the Jubilee has been an excuse for the country to celebrate ourselves. The queen is the excuse. Perhaps in hard time see look at her longevity and see it as a metaphor for how we will come through too. After all, she has a less than perfect family; there have been ups and downs and she carries on.

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