The Day Before

I hope this little video will give you a taste of Saturday in London. Amazing ow the weather changed so much in just a couple of hours. I so enjoyed my wandering, seeing the preparations, people and dogs having a good time. And of course it was an added bonus to hear the Robster rehearsing outside Buckingham Palace for tonight’s concert.


9 thoughts on “The Day Before

    • Bloody glad I heard Robbie’s rehearsal if that is all he is singing tonight! Wondering if the Military Wives are the ones I saw coming out of Westminster tube earlier,nial with green outfits.

  1. Loved the concert (though it wouldn’t nec. be my choice of music!) but it was a great atmosphere and well staged. Hubby tells me the ‘badly scripted artistes’ are necessary to fill in the endless gaps between so many acts while they change the stage for the next performer! That makes sense!
    The fireworks were great at the end!
    It made me feel quite nostalgic – I was in the Mall for the parade 10 years ago. It was brilliant.

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