Stirred But Not Shaken

So there I was, walking over Waterloo Bridge, minding my own business and admiring the Palace of Westminster to the west and St Paul’s to the east. A helicopter appeared by the Victoria Tower.

The Palace of Westminster and Helicopter

I didn’t think much of it. Then it came zooming overhead and tilting. I raised my camera.

Tilting Helicopter

It had union flags on it.

Jubilee Helicopter

Another helicopter zoomed by. Most odd. I watched it go. It had a spherical object at the front.

Yellow and Black Helicopter

Some sort or aerial football?

I looked at the other people on the bridge. Most were staring at the sky. Then I noticed a bunch of people in black. They were carrying cameras, pushing one on a dolly and wearing headsets.

I had just seen a scene from the next James Bond film.

24 thoughts on “Stirred But Not Shaken

  1. Goodness! how exciting! We saw them filming ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ in the middle of NYC while we were there. We do get excited by film stars don’t we!

    • I didn’t see any stars, though I did nearly walk into Julie Walters the other week on the South bank. she’s appearing at the National, so not that surprising. However, the helicopters may have been for the Olympics, not 007.

  2. Miss Moneypenny I presume 😀

    I went to New York in 2003 and they were making a fairly unmemorable film with Kate Hudson (and Helen Mirren) called Raising Helen. It also had the bloke from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, who excited the young ladies and there was lots of screaming going on. We seemed to follow them round the city from Battery Park to the Zoo, but our hearts sank every time we saw they were about because it caused disruption in us getting to see the things on list.

    I eventually watched the film. I didn’t make it into a scene….

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