Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

It had to be these two pictures from this morning; NotCat and his rather domineering new friend, nose to nose.

This one is a little out of focus but the background is nicer and you can see NotCat’s face.


Whereas here, they are touching noses but standing on hardcore.


47 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

    • Both handsome boys. Sitting in the garden playing chaperon again now. NotCat seems to have the upper paw this evening. I introduced Ginger (who now has a new, nicer name! at least until he is found a new home) to the brush. I so wish I had had a video camera with me. He was all over it! But earlier he got NotCat by the scruff and I wasn’t too happy.

        • This evening they are head butting each other. Ginger does not understand play. NotCat has twice that I have witnessed suggested a game. However, I have discovered he has a weakness for catnip. Alas no photos. Sonny, Ginger ( who I see defers to Sonny) and NotCat all in the garden tonight. NotCat should sleep well. But it may be a job to get him inside!

      • I am dealing with a big gray boy here that the neighbors don’t understand that their cat needs to be taken care of after a cat fight. He was bitten in the throat and he has come to us for help. He always does.

        • Don’t want to know. I know they are thinking, let them(us) handle our(their) mess. Their cats are just throw aways to them. This isn’t the first time. I am so angry I could bite nails. Their idea of controlling the number of cats or litters is let the 60mph road get them or wander into the woods and suffer what fate they don’t have to see. And really they should know better. Be better.

          “Honestly, why do people have pets, or, come to that, children, if they don’t look after them?”
          Yes. Why do they?

        • I wrote once about my aunt’s cat, another ginger and white,in Belfast. He was hit by a car and found his way no her bathroom. She took to the vet and asked around, found out who he belonged to, but they weren’t interested. They were serial kitten owners. Once the kitten grew up it was left to its own devices. She kept him and he was an intelligent, companionable cat who walked with her to the shops.

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