Menacing Laughter

As my theme for the week seems to be street art and graffiti, I’ll round off with this one. It’s a stencilled piece on the building just past the railway line, a few yards before Park Street, so often threatened with demolition in the not too distant past, changes vibe and explodes into Borough Market, the Foodies Favourite London Market.


I am glad to know that the many petitions I signed over the years to save Borough Market and the adjoining streets may have achieved something. I say may have, as it was the reinvention of the market as a green and farmers’ venue that was its salvation. Anyway, back to the graffiti. Does it make you laugh? Or is it just the menacing side of uncomfortable?



17 thoughts on “Menacing Laughter

  1. HA! First of all, I love your photo of the buildings….the bright green painted door with the hanging basket of flowers next to the shabby exterior of the other building with the elegant trim at the top – nice. The graffiti is rather clever but yep – “menacing side of uncomfortable” might not be a bad description! 😀


  2. Isobel you have some very cool old buildings to photograph. Such character. That section of the building left of the “Park Street” sign is so very cool. At this second in time this early morning that graffiti makes me laugh. My feelings could change… 🙂

  3. The stencil is based on a Banksy but I’m pretty sure this one has been put up by someone else. And the building was featured in the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (it’s the gang’s hideout). Two (interesting?) facts for you.

  4. Oh Isobel, thank you on behalf of myself and my family (sons have both used it extensively!) for doing your bit to save Borough Market!!

    V interesting bit of graffiti. It’s a stencil so I wonder if there’s a secret Simian Army? Fascinating old building and thanks to andBerlin, if it looks familiar, we now know why! 🙂

    • It used to quite depressing walking round there as there seemed constant plans to knock the whole area down. You signed a new petition every time, or so it seemed anyway. Film makers loved it. You see it in everything Lock Stock to 101 Dalmatians.
      I can’t take the whole credit. But I can say I tried!

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