Green Sieves and Red Geraniums

Still at the South Bank, these towers made of green plastic sieves surround the pillars of the Queen Elizabeth Hall.I don’t remember the name of the artist, or his country (shame on me) but I do remember that he said in his country these sieves are ubiquitous.

So three views:

Green Sieves from the Walkway

Green Sieves and Bikes

and finally,

Green Sieves and Red Geraniums


11 thoughts on “Green Sieves and Red Geraniums

  1. Please bring rain here (Arkansas, USA). We haven’t had but a spit since March & that is NOT usual. Plus yesterday it was 101 f. Also not usual as it’s June. Will it take a green sieve to make this happen? Send one of those too. Forget the geraniums. They’d die.

  2. We need rain too! I may have mentioned that…. 😀 103 briefly here yesterday. All of a sudden I realized the they were BIGger than I thought and they are like my kitchen strainer only mine is aluminum. When I googled for metal sieve it came up with exactly what I have. Guess I have been calling it the wrong thing. On the google search they called it a colander. Goodness! So many different names. Anywho, I couldn’t live without mine!

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