16 thoughts on “The Afternoon Fox

        • You see far more foxes in the town than in the country. I don’t think she has cubs. It’s odd. I wonder if the Council put down contraceptive laced food. It is possible, and would help to control the populations. Apparently the size of the litter depends on the food supply, and there is always plenty of discarded food for them to eat.

        • I made that up in my head, that she has pups! whoops! Wow, contraceptives for foxes! Sometimes the world is too complicated for me. I’ll go back to the foibles of the denizens of Olympus! Or the Norse gods! >:-D

  1. She certainly looks at home up on the wall…..it’s a good spot to keep an eye (when she’s awake!) on her surroundings – by now she knows NotCat hangs out on that wall too but they seem to have an “understanding” between them!! Lovely photo…….zzzzzzzzzz……..


    • She was there a little while ago when I came home and let him out. Sonny was in the garden too. They just seemed to be ignoring each other. NotCat does chase the foxes out of the garden.

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