The Moments Before

Nearly time to go. The bag is packed, just a couple of last minute things to put in. But first the ginger ninja needs to be delivered to the cattery. This is always the moment when I want to cancel the holiday. I hate leaving him, even though I know he’ll be well looked after and cuddled.
Now the summer is behaving itself it seems doubly unfair that he should have to spend a week in a pen instead of lying in the shade of the cherry tree:

In the Shade of the Cherry Tree

or climbing in it:

In the Cherry Tree

I shall just have to hope the weather is still fine when I get back. But I do so hate this bit.


30 thoughts on “The Moments Before

  1. Have fun…poor Not Cat. I know how you feel. I wonder if he would get along with Miles and Att. Atticus sulks for the first few days. It makes me feel even worse.

    • He is at the Cattery now. He howled all the way from the car which was quite a distance as I couldn’t get a parking space close to the Cattery. When I lifted him out of the box, he held onto me. It took a few moments for him to get his bearings. When I left he was investigating his little house, so I think he’ll be ok. The place is full of gingers including two polydactyl ginger brothers rescued from Battersea.
      Are you offering to have him next time?

      • I’m sure he’ll have fun! And I hope you do as well. I don’t know if he would like my flat, only access to a balcony. How far do you live from me? I wonder if we can work out a way for him to stay at home and I can help take care of him. I know how hard it is finding people you trust with your pets. We would love to travel more, but we always have to think of who is going to watch the boys. And Not Cat has so much personality–I bet he would keep me laughing.

        • Alas, we are not very close! I am not sure I’d trust him on the balcony. God knows where he would find to climb to. Back to the drawing board…

  2. I know how hard it is to leave NotCat (David and I have the same problem when we take Sam to the kennel) – it’s those last moments when they’re clinging to you like you’re the life raft in the water that “get” to you! He’ll be so happy to see you when you return…..enjoy your trip!!

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. and they look at you like **that** and about break your heart with guilt and remorse! then they spot something to indulge their curiosity and they’ve forgotten your betrayal. and THEN, you get to leave, the memories of the howling and the clinging and the **look** still fresh! arrrrggggghh!

    have a great trip, Isobel. There must be a warm surprise awaiting you on your travels, in some way! –L.

  4. Put those shoulders back, head up, off you go! He’ll have a wonderful time so you make sure YOU do as well! *head teacher returns to office* 🙂

  5. Gorgeous pics again, Isobel. Have a lovely holiday and just think of the pleasure he’ll have seeing you again after your break! Good luck. 🙂

  6. I know that feeling. Holidays of any length here, can only be attempted with a house sitter. Chevvy does not do well in a kennel. Both cats are fine and barely look at me when I leave though they do love being home. But Chevvy frets badly so trips are infrequent and very well planned. Luckily for short trips I have great neighbours who look after the home fires for me.

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