The Big Cat in the Garden

The Big Cat is not too keen on the canine part of the household, so it says something about yesterday’s sunshine that she slept happily on the table while Westie Boy roamed around.

Today it’s a mix of sunshine and showers. The morning came early with a visit from Westie Boy just five hours after I had closed my eyes. My ear was thoroughly washed before I got him back to the kitchen where I found that Cousin, who had been unable to sleep, had embarked on an ironing marathon. I went back to bed, and slept through 8.12 when I hope millions of people rang bells to welcome the Olympics.

Back to yesterday afternoon and the Big Cat. She has a purr that echoes around whatever space she is in.

I love the black stripe under her chin. It always makes me think of Egyptian sculptures of sphinxes. I must have pictures of her as a kitten. When Mother and I were staying with cousin fifteen years ago, she and her siblings kept us entertained as they played with each other and discovered the world.

Hard to equate those little kittens with this purry girl. Hard also to imagine her as the effective hunter that she undoubtably is. I remember once she was grown I was sleeping in the same room I am in this time when I was woken by her trying to get through the window. It had been a cool evening, so I had only left the window a tiny bit open. I got up to let her in, then noticed her silhouette was slightly strange. I paused, focused properly, and realised that she had a mouse in her mouth. I changed my plans and left her outside. However, when I awoke in the predawn, she was asleep on the end of the bed. She had managed to force the window. I didn’t dare get out of bed until it was fully light for fear of putting my foot on the remains of the mouse. I need not have feared. She must have eaten it outdoors, but that day I cleaned my room from top to bottom. Just in case.

A few moments after I took this photo, I groomed her with the comb. She was very happy. Westie Boy, who like many pre adolescent males has resisted the call of personal grooming, was intrigued. He reached up and tried to chew her tail. Now the Big Cat tends to run away from him which inspires him to chase her, but this time she hissed at him. Eventually she got sufficiently irritated by him to climb onto the window sill, but she did not run. I have never seen her relaxed around him.

Later Westie Boy not only allowed me to groom him, he came back for more and seemed thoroughly to enjoy it. Result! Not that you’d know this morning. He has a real case of bed hair. Ah well.

20 thoughts on “The Big Cat in the Garden

  1. She’s a lovely cat – wouldn’t she and Pedro make a stunning couple? πŸ˜€ Glad to hear Westie Boy is discovering the wonderful world of brushing thanks to you!!

    Pam (and Sam)

    • Currently asleep in the bathroom in her reserved spot behind the hot press. When you go to use the loo she gets out to say hello as though she is a salon hostess. πŸ™‚

    • And out of her box in the bathroom. Actually today she spent lots of time in the utility and conversed with me while I ironed, so I groomed her afterwards and she was a very happy cat!

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