Yellow Smile

It hasn’t been quite the day I had planned. I brought NotCat home and he has reclaimed his territory inside and out and been most noisily demanding of my attention. The cattery recommended a plumber as I have come home to a problem with the immersion heater. I discovered it when I ran a bath. I thought I might need to add some cold water, but the toe test revealed polar conditions. My hopes that I had turned it off by mistake were short lived. I left a message for the usual plumber, but I know he heads off to France most summers. It should get sorted tomorrow.
A conversation with the boatyard confirmed my fears that the bill has more noughts than is comfortable. But the work needs to be done, and I knew when I started this boating business that it wouldn’t be cheap. I’m just glad I booked my holiday already. And I’ve got lots of lovely photos from my break in NI. Here’s one sunny flower from Cousin’s garden.

Yellow Smile

12 thoughts on “Yellow Smile

    • The bilge pump stopped working and all the heavy rain gathered in the boat causing lots of expensive damage. But it could have been worse. I already had the boat booked in for service, so the problems were found before irreparable damage had been done.
      No idea what the flower is I’m afraid. I may have a photo of the whole bush. I’ll look later.

  1. Boat bill and plumbing problems, not the best welcome home. Love the flower and I hope Not Cat is off on one of his grand adventures. When we return from a trip, Atticus follows me around for days demanding attention.

    • The plumber is coming shortly, and I am going to check out my boat insurance to see if there is any chance I might be covered for any of the work. It’s unlikely, but worth looking. NotCat was so tired last night. He didn’t want to come in, and then fell asleep in seconds. He’s outside now, but mercifully quiet, unlike the fox cubs who have found our garden and are chasing each other around in the wee small hours. 🙂

  2. Sam does the same thing on our return from vacation – demand attention with an endless stream of “talk”….I assume it’s a running commentary on what happened at the kennel OR perhaps a venting of displeasure that we left there in the first place. I’m sure NotCat is VERY happy you’re home. Too bad you have a wonky heater AND boat damage to come home to though. 😦

    Pam and Sam

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