A Walk Around Lough Fea

Drama in the garden tonight. We have a feline visitor. He’s ginger, but not Ginger. He has white patches on his face and white stripes on his back legs. Instead of welcoming him with open paws as he does Ginger, or excitedly rushing up to him as he does Sonny, NotCat chased him under a car, and is now watching, though his tail has resumed its usual size.
But back to my week in NI. We set off in the car to Lough Fea. Despite its proximity to Cousin’s, I don’t think I have ever been there before. Westie Boy had a tablet to stop him being carsick. It nearly worked.
We set off at a good pace in an anti-clockwise direction to leave the pushchairs and smokers behind us. A strange number of families seemed to be finding pleasure throwing stones into the water. And I do mean throwing; there was no skimming going on.

Lough Fea Anti Clockwise Path

But our haste told against us. The path goes all around the lough, but there’s a section a few hundreds yards ahead of this picture where you have to take to a path by the road for a while. We wanted to do that bit at the end once Westie Boy had had a good walk. We retraced our steps.

Lough Fea Clockwise Path

What is it about yellow flowers? Or is it just me? The land around the lough is managed but not cultivated. The sun shone and Westie Boy behaved himself really well.

Weeds and Water

Anyway, now a short break for some pictures.

Soft Beauty


Pink, Yellow and Green

Mistle Thrush (I think) and Heather

Waterside Structures

The Path Continues


Union flags in NI are far more loaded than in the rest of the UK. The Spice Girls caused all sorts of problems with their frocks. Why this one was planted in the water I have no idea. and of course this post would not be complete without a photo of Westie Boy who managed the homeward drive on my lap very well; no vomiting, but he dribble extensively into my shirt.

Westie Boy at the Lough


18 thoughts on “A Walk Around Lough Fea

  1. That word is marvelously descriptive for the “soft beauty” photo…..! All the photos are wonderful – I loved Ireland and although we were on a structured tour, we saw plenty of beautiful land, endless vistas and GREEN…..As for NotCat’s “close encounter” with a ginger stranger – perhaps he and that cat have had a disagreement before which NotCat clearly remembers and is not eager to forget (or repeat!).

    Pam (and Sam)

    • We are all very green this summer after all the rain!
      I have never seen this cat before. He may be an intact Tom who is checking out our patch, or perhaps a lost boy. So many pets are becoming homeless because of the recession. I came in, so i don’t know how the boys got on in the end.

      • That explains why the heather and mountains looked a bit like Scotland. You live in beautiful country, I visited a few years ago and we have a new neighbor at our Florida home that came from Northern Ireland. Isn’t fun to find connections to people.

        • Thanks Pat. I don’t live there. I am in London, but it is where my mother is from, so I have family there and I visit every year. The mountains are the Sperrins. I used to Jin in with the hillwalking festival there. It’s a great way of getting up to speed with local news!

  2. All pretty pictures around the water Isobel. Love your shot of pink, yellow and green. Your pink, yellow and green header is awesome too! It IS a breathtaking place and I especially love looking considering our weather situation. Dog dribbles on your shirt~Ewwww. 😀 Better than a kitty hairball I suppose. A new cat in NotCat’s territory. Interesting.

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